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Sort Out Your Frau, Mr Bercow

September 19, 2010

Twinterland was alerted by this tweet by David Wearing (@davidwearing) to a Daily Mail story on Sally ‘I have my own opinions and am not merely an extension of my husband’ Bercow (@SallyBercow)

Is this the progressive “New Politics” liberal commentators are creaming themselves over? @sallybercow via @their_vodkaSat Sep 18 15:52:09 via web

One recalls quite distinctly feeling some degree of sympathy for Mrs Bercow during the unseemly moralising over her admissions of a misspent youth. Indeed, anyone who can create such a persistent low whine from the MP for Mid-Bedfordshire would normally be considered as a friend of this blog. Personally, I could care less if Mrs Bercow wants to spam her anti-Tory diatribes all over Twitter: I will judge the Speaker on what he does, not what his wife tweets.

And yet, it is not Sally Bercow’s opinions or desire to have them heard that makes sympathy wane, but a feeling that she is a loud-mouthed, petty braggart who has overplayed her hand. It is not the fact that she has her own opinions, but how boorish they are. From a few anti-Tory hashtags to appearances on This Week and finger-wagging op ed pieces. This sudden media presence is, so far as I can tell, a function of the novelty value of having a Speaker’s wife who tweets, and tribally at that. One can well imagine producers and sub-editors:

“Oooh…she gets social media…and she’s Labour and he’s a Tory! She has opinions too, cos she keeps reminding us, so we must book her and ask her questions about how difficult it must be to be the Speaker’s wife and have opinions and tweet them!!”

Mrs Bercow treats such attack articles as a badge of honour, especially when they come with quotes from a mouth-frothing Dorries, but should take note that just because someone is out to silence you, this does not necessarily mean you have something interesting, important or even controversial to say. Sometimes it is just because you are annoying.

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