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Think Before You Tweet

September 5, 2010

More examples of Twidiocy in the press this last week, providing further evidence, should it be needed, of what we like to refer to as the ‘Big Brother’ effect of Twitter. No, not that trapped within the confines of your Twitter feed increases the tendency to crass narcissism, although it undoubtedly does. No, more that, like the Big Brother house, people eventually forget that people are actually following their actions (tweets), and they lose all shame about taking a (metaphorical) dump in front of the masses. Furthermore, they also forget, that not everyone who is following them necessarily has their best interests at heart.

Exhibit A is celebrity talent vacuum Paris Hilton. Recently pulled over by police in Las Vegas, a search of her car revealed a handbag with some nose candy in it. Sharp as a baseball bat, Paris immediately insisted she has borrowed the purse containing the illegal narcotics. Sadly for poor Paris, she had, in mid July, uploaded a picture to the Twitter image site Twitpic, a very similar looking purse to the one she claimed to have loaned for the night. Oops.

Closer to home we have this:

A senior council officer has sparked fury after claiming that it is acceptable for employers to slap their servants. Rehana Mohamed made the comments on her Twitter account after watching a TV debate on the abuse of foreign domestic workers exploited by wealthy families.

This being the Mail of course, it helps that the perpetrator herself is foreign (from Sri Lanka) and is a public sector worker with a job (Strategic Change Management Consultant) that sounds like it should be cut before she even opened her trap so embarrassingly on Twitter. Even more Daily Mail bonus points are wracked up by the fact she works for the Labour Brent Council: it is like a Daily Mail full house. Not quite on a par with throwing a cat in a bin, but goes to show that even tweets made in jest can come back to haunt you in your professional career.

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