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So much love to give – Update 2

August 30, 2010

Twinterland is committed in keeping you up to date with John Prescott’s valiant battle against the forces of evil and injustice in the form of his Save NHS Direct campaign. Today the bandwagon trundled further on its journey to the minefield of irrelevance, snapping up the following backing from its 4th Labour leadership candidate:

Good for JP for leaping to defence of nhs direct. Sign his petition at Aug 30 12:24:38 via txt

Prescott is now only missing Diane Abbott (@DianeforLeader) for a full house. Given the lacklustre nature of her campaign so far, perhaps we should not be surprised she is last out of the blocks to score into the open goal.

Elsewhere the petition continued to rack up signatures and at the time of writing stands at 11105, against Prescott’s target of 100,000. However, all is not perfectly harmonious in the Labour camp on this issue. In response to two critical tweets this morning, Prescott called out Labour MP Tom Harris, in relation to this blog the latter wrote on the matter.

@dave_chiv Under Labour, NHS 111 was to be main number you call. Would then route you to service you required – for eg, NHS Direct…Sun Aug 29 19:25:32 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@dave_chiv …with 60 hrs medical training. Hope that’s simple enough for you and @TomHarrisMP 😉Sun Aug 29 19:35:55 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@carlminns You’ll have to do a lot better then quote Telegraph articles and @tomharrismp to support your case 😉Mon Aug 30 10:23:30 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@johnprescott I’m happy to admit a mistake if you can show me a (pre-election) link saying we were not going to replace NHS Direct.Mon Aug 30 10:42:09 via TweetDeck

@TomHarrisMP But you’re happy to blog on basis of Telegraph article? Can see why Tory bloggers like you. On NHS111 speak to @andyburnhammpMon Aug 30 11:11:09 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@TomHarrisMP @andyburnhammp was our Health Secretary, just in case you didn’t know. Glad to see you spent weekend watching SCI-FI videos 😉Mon Aug 30 11:15:23 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

In a nutshell, get back to tossing it off in front of Dr Who whilst us real men save the world from the evil forces ranged against us, or at least set up an e-petition and tweet repetitiously about it. Harris though did not take the bait, retreated to the moral high ground, and refused to get dragged into childish name calling.

@johnprescott I’m sorry you want to make personal comments about me, John. I’ll stick to the politics (fortunately for you).Mon Aug 30 11:35:23 via TweetDeck

Well, I say moral high ground; perhaps that should have been a ignominious retreat.

RT @SimonMagus: Has @johnprescott thumped @TomHarrisMP yet? << No, I was hiding behind the sofa when he came to the door….Mon Aug 30 13:28:53 via TweetDeck

These types of campaigns are becoming beholden to a battle of anecdotes, which are constantly retweeted by protagonists on both sides. So on one hand, you have a story of how NHS Direct talked someone through an emergency tracheotomy on their gran, when she choked unexpectedly on a Werthers Original upon hearing the scale of Osborne’s cuts. Then you have people saying that NHS Direct failed to diagnose a stab wound after being phoned and told, ‘I have been stabbed’, replying that ‘It doesn’t sound serious, but if doesn’t improve, take two paracetamol and call us back in the morning.’ Let us close then with a call for rational minds in an ocean of emotion and sentimentality.

Annoyed at this NHS Direct “debate”. Would like to see evidence from both sides, not just endless anecdotes.Mon Aug 30 08:12:20 via HootSuite

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