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So much love to give – Update 1

August 29, 2010

Twinterland tracking of John ‘Hashtag’ Prescott’s latest social media campaign continues. Here he is with an update on the petition:

Thanks to the 7655 people who’ve signed to #saveNHSdirect – 270+ people signing an hour now Aug 29 17:07:02 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The campaign has the support of some of the Labour Leader candidates:

Thousands of ppl already signed–please sign @JohnPrescott‘s #SaveNHSDirect petition Aug 29 11:38:41 via web

Please do 1 thing 2 help NHS today & sign JP’s petition #savenhsdirect. It’ll tell NHSD staff we value them & ConDems what we think of them!Sun Aug 29 10:01:08 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My blog on Tory plan to axe NHS Direct and Qs Mr Lansley must answer – sign @JohnPrescott‘s #SaveNHSDirect petition Aug 29 11:51:47 via ÜberTwitter

The Save NHS Direct campaign is directly mentioned in The Sun, The Independent, Press Association and here is Prescott getting some airtime on the BBC. Most of the other dead tree press have carried the story about NHS Direct, but not mentioned the campaign so far as I can see.

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